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Change Day 2015 Revaluation: Socialising Value

Darnton A & Harrison A 2016 'Change Day 2015 Revaluation: Socialising Value' A report completed for the NHS by AD Research & Analysis with A Harrison

This position paper informed the NHS Change Day Overview Report 2015. It sits alongside the another position paper ‘Designing platforms for social change’ and should be read as such.

This paper contains evidence, argument and theory used during the NHS Change Day 2015 Re-Valuation. The purpose of the paper is to develop new thinking about the social processes of understanding value in the real-life instance of NHS Change Day, based on:

  • Countless interactions with local NHS Change Day 2015 activists

  • Conversations with a panel of experts in evaluation, measurement, systems theory and social movements

  • Development workshops with the Sustainable Improvement Team at NHS England

  • Miscellaneous wider, interested stakeholders

Please click the image to download the report as a PDF file

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