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We are an independent research company specialising in systems change and behavioural theory.

We are recognised experts in behaviour and systems change.

We use research and behavioural theory to measure and deliver positive change interventions and tackle critical whole-system policy challenges.

We choose to focus our efforts on priority areas:  climate change, biodiversity, public health and social justice.

Our services and skills include:

 Facilitating and leading collaborative change processes and communities of practice
 Teaching behavioural theory across disciplinary boundaries
 Measuring change in complex systems (a.k.a. evaluation)
 Coaching and developing capabilities in systems leadership
 Advising on change processes and interventions: design, delivery, and monitoring & evaluation
 Researching the context for change interventions (including secondary ‘desk’ research studies and primary ‘market’ research)
 Innovating through disruption


For over a decade we have applied and developed models of behaviour and theories of change across diverse policy problems, working with a number of sectors and actors serious about change, including:

All UK Government departments (except the MoD)
Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments
Local Authorities
NDPBs and delivery partners
VCS organisations
Private sector businesses
Third sector bodies
Social movements
Academic Institutions


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