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Change Day 2015 Revaluation: Platforms for Social Change

Darnton A & Harrison A 2016 'Change Day 2015 Revaluation: Platforms for Social Change' A report completed for the NHS by AD Research & Analysis with A Harrison

This working paper is part of the Re-Valuation of NHS Change Day 2015 and examines the importance of platforms used as part of that work.

For its first two years of existence NHS Change Day has been framed as a social movement, described in terms such as ‘grassroots’ and ‘bottom up’. This framing is still dominant although NHS Change Day 2015 brought a change in emphasis in activity from pledges to campaigns, highlighting that as well as having social movement qualities NHS Change Day has platform qualities too. Notably, Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer, Horizons, Sustainable Improvement Team in NHS England, delivered a presentation on the morning of NHS Change Day 2015 where she introduced the change platform concept1. Thinking of NHS Change Day as a platform fundamentally repositions the whole activity and enables radical new approaches for the design, delivery and evaluation of NHS Change Day.

Please click the image to download the report as a PDF file

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