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Change Day 2015 Revaluation: Theory Guide - How Change Happens

Darnton A & Harrison A 2016

'Change Day 2015 Revaluation: Theory Guide - How Change Happens'

A report completed for the NHS by AD Research & Analysis with A Harrison.

Change Day is described as a “grassroots social movement” made up of frontline staff in clinical and managerial roles in the NHS; for three years it has supported and disseminated innovative change activities led by NHS workers.

AD and Andrew Harrison approached this task as one of ‘reimagining evaluation’. They used methods including cascaded action research sessions with frontline staff, social listening to online activity, and alternative approaches to socialising Return on Investment. The outcomes include a new ‘Re-Valuation’ methodology for researching social change.

[Outputs include: 2015 Re-Valuation Overview Report; Platforms for Social Change – Final report; Socialising Value – Final report; Theory of Change Guide and Phrasebook; Social Listening Report (with Opinion Leader)]

Please click the image to download the report as a PDF file

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