The Cantos Notes for CXVII et seq.

December 12, 2016

Ezra Pound
The Cantos
Notes for CXVII et seq.

For the blue flash and the moments
the young for the old
        That is tragedy
And for one beautiful day there was peace.
    Brancusi’s bird
        In the hollow of pine trunks
or when the snow was like sea foam
    Twilit sky leaded with elm boughs.
Under the Rupe Tarpeia
    weep out your jealousies –
To make a church
    or an altar to Zagreus [Zaygeus]
son of Semele    
Without jealousy
    like the double arch of a window
Or some great colonnade.

M’amour, m’amour
    what do I love
        where are you?
That I lost my centre 
fighting     the world.
The dreams clash
and are shattered -     
and that I tried to make a paradiso

I have tried to write Paradise

Do not move
    Let the wind speak
        that is paradise.

Lets the Gods forgive what I 
        have made
Let those I love try to forgive
        What I have made.

La faillite de Francois Bernouard, Paris
or a field of larks at Ellegre, 
    “es laissa cader”
so high toward the sun and then falling, 
    “de joi sas alas”
to set here the roads of France.

Two mice and a moth my guides – 
To have heard the farfalla gasping
    as towards a bridge over worlds.
That the kings meet in their island, 
    where no food is after flight from the pole.
Milkweed the sustenance
    as to enter Arcanum

To be men not destroyers.

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